The Seventh Meeting of the Bay of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Implementation Task Force (BOB-RHS/TF/7) and the Second Meeting of the South Asia/Indian Ocean ATM Coordination Group (SAIOACG/2)
( Bangkok, Thailand,21-24 May 2012)
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FINAL_REPORT_BOBRHSTF7SAIOACG2.pdfReport of the Seventh Meeting of the Bay of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Implementation Task Force (BOB-RHS/TF/7) and The Second Meeting of the South Asia/Indian Ocean ATM Coordination Group (SAIOACG/2)May 30,2012Secretariat
GROUP PHOTO2.pdfGroup PhotoMay 30,2012Secretariat
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AP028-12 (ATM)_States.pdfState Leter ref. T3/8.13, T3/8.13.3-AP028/12 (ATM)May 18,2012Secretariat
AP037-12 (ATM)_States.pdfState Letter ref. T3/8.13, T3/8.13.3-AP037/11 (ATM)May 18,2012Secretariat
ORDER OF BUSINESS_2.pdfOrder of BusinessMay 22,2012Secretariat
Wednesday.pdfWEDNESDAYMay 22,2012Secretariat
WP or IP TEMPLATE-BOBRHSTF7.docWP-IP Template BOB-RHS/TF/7May 18,2012Secretariat
WP-IP TEMPLATE_SAIOACG2.docWP-IP Template SAIOACG/7May 18,2012Secretariat
AP028-12 (ATM) BOBRHSTF7andSAIOACG2 APDX-A Agenda BOBRHSTF7.pdfProvisional Agenda BOB-RHS/TF/7May 18,2012Secretariat
AP028-12 (ATM) BOBRHSTF7andSAIOACG2 APDX-B Agenda SAIOACG2.pdfProvisional Agenda SAIOACG/2May 18,2012Secretariat
AP028-12 (ATM) BOBRHSTF7andSAIOACG2 APDX-C Registration Form.pdfRegistration FormMay 18,2012Secretariat
AP028-12 (ATM) BOBRHSTF7andSAIOACG2 APDX-D Meeting Bulletin.pdfMeeting BulletinMay 18,2012Secretariat
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WP01 Agenda_BOBRHSTF7.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda - BOB-RHS/TF/7May 18,2012Secretariat
WP02 Post Implementation Review.pdfWP02Post Implementation ReviewMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP03  Dissolution of BOBRHS.pdfWP03Dissolution of Bay of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Task ForceMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP04 India_Proposal_to_introduce_50-30Nm-A_transition_to_30-30NM_RLS_17052012 2030.pdfWP04Proposal to Introduce 50/30NM on ATS Route L301 and P574 as a Transition from 50/50 to 30/30NM RLSMay 18,2012India
WP05 India_Post_implementation_Analysis_on_50Nm_RLS_in_BOBASIO_Region_17052012 2030.pdfWP05Post Implementation Analysis on 50NM RLS in BOBASIO RegionMay 18,2012India
WP06 Task List_BOBRHSTF7.pdfWP06BOB-RHS/TF Task ListMay 21,2012Secretariat
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IP01 List of Papers_BOBRHSTF7.pdfIP01List of Working Papers and Information PapersMay 21,2012Secretariat
collapse Type Name : SAIOACG/2 (22-25 May)-ICAO Bangkok ‎(24)
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WP01 Agenda_SAIOACG2.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda for SAIOACG/2May 18,2012Secretariat
WP02 Relevant Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Relevant Meeting OutcomesMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP03 ADS-B Planning.pdfWP03ADS-B PlanningMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP04 SAIOACG Small Working Groups.pdfWP04Establishment of SAIOACG Small Working GroupsMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP05 SAIOACG2.pdfWP05Infrastructure Development, ATM Improvements, and Capacity Enhancements in the South Asia/Indian Ocean AreaMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP06 SAIOACG2 BANP amendment.pdfWP06Procedure for the Amendment of Regional Air Navigation PlanMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP07 India_ ISSUES AND SUGGESTIONS REGARDING BOBCAT ATFM OPERATIONS - DELHI FIR 16052012.pdfWP07Issues and Suggestions regarding BOBCAT ATFM Operations - Delhi FIRMay 18,2012India
WP08 SAIOACG Task List.pdfWP08SAIOACG Task ListMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP09 India_ADS-B implementation Plan 17052012 2030.pdfWP09ADS-B Implementation PlanMay 18,2012India
WP10 India_ATM CONTINGENCY PLAN OF INDIA  17052012 2030.pdfWP10ATM Contingency Plan of IndiaMay 18,2012India
WP11 India_CONVERTING NON-RNAV ROUTES.pdfWP11Converting Non-RNAV Routes to RNP10 Routes and Creation of New ATS Routes in Arabian Sea Indian Ocean and Bay of BengalMay 18,2012India
WP12 India_UPDATE ON AMHS TRIALS AND AIDC TESTING 16052012SAIOACG2.pdfWP12Update on AMHS Trials and AIDC TestingMay 18,2012India
WP13 India_UPR_Paper_Trials_for_feasibility_study_of_establishment_of_UPR_Zone.pdfWP13UPR Paper Trials for Feasibility Study of Establishment of UPR Zone in Arabian Sea Indian Ocean RegionMay 18,2012India
WP14 Capacity Enhancement Table.pdfWP14Capacity Enhancement TableMay 18,2012Secretariat
WP15 India_New FPL_SAIOACG2 17052012 1930.pdfWP15India's Preparedness for New ICAO FPL 2012May 18,2012India
WP16 India_REVIEW_OF_BOBASIO-02_MEETING_AT_CHENNAI_17052012_17351.pdfWP16Review of BOBASIO/02 Meeting at ChennaiMay 18,2012India
WP17 IATA_SAIOACG 2 WP - Future Work.pdfWP17Future Work: Future Work Focus & ConceptsMay 18,2012IATA
WP18 Thailand - BOBCAT Operational Updates and Future Arrangement.pdfWP18BOBCAT Operational Updates and Future ArrangementMay 18,2012Thailand
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IP01 List of Papers_SAIOACG2.pdfIP01List of Working and Information PapersMay 21,2012Secretariat
IP02 2012 FPL and ATS Message Implementation Update.pdfIP022012 FPL & ATS Message Implementation UpdateMay 18,2012Thailand
IP03 Regional ATM Contingency Planning.pdfIP03Regional ATM Contingency Planning Task Force UpdatesMay 18,2012Secretariat
IP04 SRL_ATS Route Structure for HIA.pdfIP04Establishment of an ATS Route Structure for the Proposed New Hambantota International Airport (HIA) in Sri LankaMay 18,2012Secretariat
IP05 India_Civil Military Cooperation for seamless ATM 16052012.pdfIP05Civil Military Cooperation for Seamless ATMMay 18,2012Sri Lanka
IP06 Thailand - VTBS RWY Maintenance.pdfIP06Suvarnabhumi Airport Runway Maintenance (11 Jun - 10 Aug 2012)May 21,2012India

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