The Eleventh Working Group Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Implementation Co-ordination Group of APANPIRG (ATNICG WG/11)
( Bangkok, Thailand,26 - 28 September 2012)
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AP095 - Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdfAttachment 1 - Provisional AgendaSep 04,2012Secretariat
AP095 - Invitation letter SL.pdfInvitation LetterSep 04,2012Secretariat
Attachment 2 -  Meeting Bulletin.pdfAttachment 2 - Meeting BulletinSep 04,2012Secretariat
Attachment 3 -  Nomination form.pdfAttachment 3 - Nomination/Registration FormSep 04,2012Secretariat
Group photo.jpgGroup PhotoSep 26,2012Secretariat
Report ATNICG WG11 Reviewed by the meeting.pdfReport of ATNICG WG/11Oct 04,2012Secretariat
WP and IP Template.docWP/IP TemplateSep 10,2012Secretariat
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WP01 - ICAO Provisional agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaSep 11,2012Secretariat
WP02 - ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of ATNICG 7.pdfWP/02Review of ATNICG/7 OutcomeSep 11,2012Secretariat
WP03 - JPN AI. 6 - Comparison of AMHS ICD requirements (rev.).pdfWP/03Comparison of ASIA/PAC AMHS ICD Requirements against ICAO Doc 9880 (Report Transfer Envelope and Common Data Type)(Revised)Sep 11,2012Japan
WP04 - India AI. 6 - XML coded OPMET and Digital NOTAM over AMHS.pdfWP/04Exchange of XML-Coded OPMET and Digital NOTAM and over AMHSSep 11,2012India
WP05 - India AI. 4 - ATN-AMHS Implementation.pdfWP/05ATN/AMHS Implementation Status in IndiaSep 21,2012India
WP06 - ICAO AI. 2 - Outcome of CNS-MET16 and APANPIRG23.pdfWP/06Review of CNS/MET SG/16 and APANPIRG/23 OutcomesSep 21,2012Secretariat
WP07 - USA AI. 6 - Information based management network planning.pdfWP/07Information Management Based Network PlanningSep 11,2012USA
WP08 - India AI. 5 - SWIM and IMS Harmonization.pdfWP/08SWIM and IMS HarmonizationSep 11,2012India
WP09_SIN AI. 6 - Review of IPM Requirements.pdfWP/09Review of the Interpersonal Messaging (IPM) Requirements for ASIA/PAC AMHS Technical SpecificationsSep 11,2012Secretariat on behalf of Singapore
WP10 - HKG AI. 6 - Comparative analysis of Probe AMHS ICD.pdfWP/10A Comparative Analysis of Probe with Recommendation AMHS ICD PICS vs. Detailed PICS of Doc 9880Sep 11,2012Secretariat on behalf of Hong Kong, China
WP11_USA ATN IPS Router ICD 1.0.pdfWP/11Interface Control Document for ATN IPS (IPv4) RouterSep 26,2012USA
WP12_THA AI. 6 -  Wildcard Recommendation.pdfWP/12Proposed Material for State Letter with regards to the Use of Wild Card (*) Character for CAAS EntrySep 26,2012Thailand
WP13_USA AI. 9 - IMS Sub-working group.pdfWP/13Information Management Service (IMS) Sub-working Group Prooposed AgendaSep 26,2012USA
WP14_USA AI. 6 - Review message transfer.pdfWP/14Review of "Message Transfer Envelope" Requirements in the ASIA/PAC ICD and ICAO Doc 9880Sep 28,2012USA
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IP01 - ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting BulletinSep 11,2012Secretariat
IP02 - ICAO AI.3 - Outcome of ACP WG-I  M.pdfIP/02Significant Outcome of Aeronautical Communication Panel Working Group - I (IPS) and (Maintenance) MeetingsSep 11,2012Secretariat
IP03 - ICAO AI.3 - Outcome of ACP working group.pdfIP/03Outcome of the First Meeting of Aeronautical Communication Panel Working Group - S (Surface) ReportSep 11,2012Secretariat
IP04 - USA AI.6 - Report of test planning and XML based OPMET.pdfIP/04Report on Test Planning of XML - Based OPMET Delivery over AMHS Involving the United States, Singapore and United KingdomSep 25,2012USA
IP05_SIN AI. 4 - ATN-AMHS Status Report.pdfIP/05Singapore ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportSep 25,2012Secretariat on behalf of Singapore
IP06_THA AI. 4 - AMHS testing_rev1.pdfIP/06Thailand AMHS Test SummarySep 26,2012Thailand
IP07_Indonesia AI. 4 - Report of ATN Status.pdfIP/07Report of ATN Status in IndonesiaSep 26,2012Indonesia
IP08_Indonesia AI. 9 - Hosting ATNICG-8.pdfIP/08Hosting ATNICG/8 Meeting in IndonesiaSep 26,2012Indonesia
IP09_Lao AI. 4 - AFTN-AMHS Status Report.pdfIP/09Report of AFTN/AMHS Status in Lao PDRSep 26,2012Lao PDR
IP10 - ICAO AI. 7 ATN-AMHS in other regions.pdfIP/10Brief Review of ATN/AMHS Implementation in other RegionsSep 27,2012Secretariat
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SP01_USA - Service Orinted Architecture.pdfSP/01Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)Sep 28,2012USA
SP02_USA - SWIM over AMHS.pdfSP/02System Wide Information Management (SWIM) over AMHSSep 28,2012USA

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