Second Meeting of Asia/Pacific Meteorology/Air Traffic Management Task Force (MET/ATM TF/2) of CNS/MET Sub-group of APANPIRG
( Fukuoka, Japan,27 -28 January 2011)
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exe summary.pdfExecutive Summary ReportMar 17,2011Secretariat
metatm_tf2rpt.pdfReport of Second Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Meteorology/Air Traffic Management Task Force (MET/ATM TF/2)Feb 23,2011Secretariat
METATMTF Photo.JPGGroup PhotoMar 17,2011Secretariat
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wp01.pdfWP1Provisional agendaFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp02.pdfWP2Review of MET/ATM Task Force Terms of Reference and Composition of GroupFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp03.pdfWP3First Meeting of the MET/ATM Task ForceFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp04.pdfWP4Global Developments on MET Requirements for ATMFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp05.pdfWP5ATFM Survey for Asia/PacificFeb 23,2011Secretariat
wp06.pdfWP6Review Outcome of ICAO/WMO APAC MET/ATM SeminarFeb 23,2011Secretariat
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ip01.pdfIP1Meeting BulletinFeb 23,2011Secretariat
ip02.pdfIP2MET Information in Support of the Seamless ATMFeb 23,2011Secretariat
ip03.pdfIP3Summary of ICAO Attendance at the 2010 Extraordinary Session of the WMO CBSFeb 23,2011Secretariat

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