The Sixth Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Implementation Co-ordination Group of APANPIRG (ATNICG/6)
( Seoul, Republic of Korea,16-20 May 2011)
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FASID Table CNS 1B - ATN Router Plan - corrected.docTable CNS 1B – ATN ROUTER PLAN
FASID Table CNS 1E - AIDC Routing Plan clean copy - corrected .xls
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APX. A - TOR.pdfReport of the Sixth Meeting of ATNICG of APANPIRGMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. B -  Subject tasks list.pdfAppendix B - Subject/Tasks List of ATNICGMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. C - Table CNS 1B.pdfAppendix C - Table CNS 1B - ATN Router PlanMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. D - Table CNS 1C.pdfAppendix D - Table CNS 1C - AMHS Routing PlanMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. E - Table CNS 1E - AIDC Routing Plan.pdfAppendix E - Table CNS 1E - AIDC PlanMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. F - AMHS Implementation Planner.pdfAppendix F - ATN/AMHS Implementation PlannerMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. G - Action item list.pdfAppendix G - Update List of Action ItemsMay 26,2011Secretariat
APX. H - CNS-ATM Matrix.pdfAppendix H - CNS/ATM Implementation MatrixMay 26,2011Secretariat
Attachment 1 - Final List of Participants.pdfAttachment 1 - List of ParticipantsMay 26,2011Secretariat
Attachment 2 - List of papers.pdfAttachment 2 - List of Working/Information Papers and PresentationsMay 26,2011Secretariat
Final Report of ATNICG6.pdfReport of the Sixth Meeting of ATNICG of APANPIRGMay 26,2011Secretariat
Group photo.pdfGroup PhotoMay 26,2011Secretariat
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WP02_ICAO_AI. 8 - ATN Forum (REV).pdfWP02
WP03_ICAO_AI. 3 - Outcome of ATNICG WG 8 and 9.pdfWP03
WP04_ICAO_AI.4 - Review FASID Tables.pdfWP04
WP05_ICAO_AI. 9 - PFF.pdfWP05
WP06_ICAO AI.9 - Action Item Lists.pdfWP06
WP07_ICAO AI.3 - Outcome of CNS-MET-14 and APANPIRG related AMS.pdfWP07
WP08_ICAO AI.2 - TOR and Subject-Task List.pdfWP08
WP09_ICAO AI. 3 - Review ACP Meeting.pdfWP09
WP10_ICAO AI.4 - Review status of ATN-AMHS in other regions.pdfWP10
WP11_ICAO AI. 9 - CNS-ATM Planning Matrix.pdfWP11
WP11_ICAO AI. 0 - Attachment.docWP11aCNS/ATM Implementation Planning Matrix
WP12_USA AI. 5 - Voice over internet protocol.pdfWP12
WP13_USA AI.9 - Recommendations for update of ATN planning document.pdfWP13
WP14_IND AI.5 - AFTN from X-25.pdfWP14
WP15_ICAO AI. 6 - XML based applications.pdfWP15
WP16_USA AI.4 - Initiation of AMHS service between UK and USA.pdfWP16
WP17 - USA AI. 8 Status of ASIA-PAC Security Document.pdfWP17
WP18_Ad HoC AI.9  - ATSAMHS.pdfWP18
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting BulletinMar 30,2011Secretariat
IP02_ICAO  - AI. 6 - XML.pdfIP02Extensible Mark up Language (XML)Apr 25,2011Secretariat
IP03_Macao China - Implementation Status report.pdfIP03ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 04,2011Macao, China
IP04_JPN AI.6 - AIDC and ists standard.pdfIP04AIDC and Its StandardMay 10,2011Japan
IP05_JPN - Implementation Status report.pdfIP05ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 09,2011Japan
IP06_HKG - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP06ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 12,2011Hong Kong, China
IP07_NZ AI.4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP07ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 12,2011New Zealand
IP08_CHN AI.4 - REV. Implementation Status report.pdfIP08ATN/AMHS Implementation Status Report (Revised)May 13,2011China
IP09_IND AI.10 - Hosting ATNICG WG-10.pdfIP09Hosting ATNICG WG/10 Meeting in IndiaMay 13,2011India
IP10_IND AI.4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP10ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 13,2011India
IP11_SRL AI. 4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP11ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 13,2011Sri Lanka
IP12_INDO AI.4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP12Report of ATN/AMHS Status in Indonesia between Jakarta and MakassarMay 13,2011Indonesia
IP13_ROK AI.4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP13ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 16,2011Republic of Korea
IP14_SIN AI.4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP14Singapore ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 16,2011Singapore
IP15_PAK AI.4 - Implementation Status Report.pdfIP15AMHS Implmentation Status ReportMay 16,2011Pakistan
IP16 - SIN AI.4 - ATN-AMHS between IDN and SIN.pdfIP16ATN/AMHS Trial between Indonesia and SingaporeMay 16,2011Singapore
IP17_FJI AI. 4 - ATN-AMHS Implementation Status Report.pdfIP17ATN/AMHS Implementation Status ReportMay 16,2011Fiji Islands
IP18_ROK AI.4 - ATN-AMHS Composition.pdfIP18ATN/AMHS System Composition of Republic of KoreaMay 16,2011Republic of Korea
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SP01_Comsoft - ATN Directory Service Operational Requirements.pdfSP1ATN Directory Service Operational RequirementsMay 16,2011Comsoft
SP02_eNitiative - ICAO ATN-AMHS Directory Services May2011C [Compatibility Mode].pdfSP2eNitiatives ICAO ATN-AMHS Directory Service SupportMay 18,2011eNitiatives
SP03_Frequentis - VoIP in ATM_2011_Rev02.pdfSP3VoIP in Air Traffic ManagementMay 18,2011Frequentis

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