Ninth Meeting of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force (ADS-B SITF/9)
Jakarta, Indonesia, 18 – 19 August 2010
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ADSB_SITF9.jpgGroup Photo
ADSb_SITF9rpt.pdfReport of Ninth Meeting of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force (ADS-B SITF/9)
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wp01.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda
wp02.pdfWP/02Outcome of APANPIRG/20 on ADS-B
wp03.pdfWP/03Australian ADS-B Update
wp04.pdfWP/04Draft Guidance Material for processing & Display of ADS-B Data
wp05.pdfWP/05GPS Time Tagging Issue
wp06.pdfWP/06Guidance Material Defining Sample ADS-B Avionics Mandate
wp07.pdfWP/07Guidance Material on Preparation of a Safety Case for Delivery of Separation Services - Revised 11/08/10
wp08.pdfWP/08Review Report of the Fifth Meeting of South-East Asia Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group - Revised 18/08/10
wp09.pdfWP/09Review Terms of Reference and Task List of ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force
wp10.pdfWP/10Review Regional Performance Objective on ADS-B
wp11.pdfWP/11CNS/ATM Implementation and Planning Matrix - Revised 19/08/10
wp12.pdfWP/12Review Surveillance Strategy for Asia/Pacific Region
wp13.pdfWP/13CANSO ADS-B Seminar for the Philippines
wp14.pdfWP/14ADS-B Data Sharing: Indonesia - Australia
wp15.pdfWP/15Aircraft Equipage Requirements
wp16.pdfWP/16Update on the Implementation of ADS-B Operations in the South China Sea Area
wp17.pdfWP/17Prohibition of "Bad" Transmissions - Revised 19/08/10
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ip01.pdfIP/01Meeting bulletin
ip02.pdfIP/02Australian Rule for Aircraft ADS-B Avionics – As Revised December 2009
ip03.pdfIP/03Update on the Work of the Organization on Surveillance and Collision Avoidance June 2010
ip04.pdfIP/04The Development of ADS-B in China
ip05.pdfIP/05Briefing by ITT Corporation on Current Status of ADS-B Deployment for the F.A.A. into N.A.S.
ip06.pdfIP/06New Caledonia ADS-B Programme under ADS-B SITF/9 Meeting
ip07.pdfIP/07Approved Aircraft and Avionics
ip08.pdfIP/08Experience in Adopting the Sample Agreement - Revised 19/08/10

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