Western and Central African (WACAF) Office

Mr. Prosper Zo'o Minto'o

Regional Director

​Welcome to the ICAO Western and Central African (WACAF) Office.
This Office was established in Dakar, Senegal, in 1963 and is accredited to twenty-four (24) ICAO Contracting States in the African and Indian Ocean (AFI) Region. A multidisciplinary team of 25 staff members carries out this Office's mandate which is: 
• to promote the ICAO policies and standards and recommended practices (SARPs) contained in the Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (signed in Chicago on 7 December 1944) and to further the implementation of the Air Navigation Plans (ANPs) approved by the Organization on the basis of the recommendations issued by Regional Air Navigation (RAN) Meetings and the AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APIRG); and
• to closely liaise with States of accreditation, appropriate organizations and regional civil aviation bodies, by giving advice and providing necessary assistance as required in their endeavours to establish and maintain a coordinated and high performance air navigation system aiming at a safe, orderly and efficient air transport system.
This Office also provides support and assistance to the Secretariat of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), which is a specialized agency of the African Union (AU) in the field of civil aviation.





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