Programme Description


ICAO's TRAINAIR PLUS Programme promotes training collaboration aiming to  support  a safe, secure, and sustainable development of the global air transport.




Launched in 2010, the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme:


  • benefits from more than 25 years of experience and expertise from its predecessor programme, the TRAINAIR Programme, in the areas of training development and sharing, capacity-building, as well as instructional delivery;
  • provides valuable ICAO support to its Member States and the aviation industry through the implementation of high-quality standards in civil aviation training and capacity-building; and
  • assists in implementing sustainable human resources development strategies, consistent with ICAO A38-12, Appendix D, Qualified and Competent Aviation Personnel.




TRAINAIR PLUS is a cooperative network of training organizations and industry partners working together to develop and deliver ICAO-recognized training packages.




The mission of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme is to improve safety and efficiency of air transport, while establishing, maintaining, and monitoring the high standards of training and competency of aviation personnel on a worldwide basis and in a cost-effective manner.




The programme is open to the aviation industry, government and private training institutions, CAA, CATCs and operators, provided they are recognized or approved by their respective governments. The list of potential candidates includes but is not limited to:


  • training arms of civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, and maintenance organizations;
  • training organizations recognized by the State where they are located; and
  • training centres involved in any specialized aviation-related safety training.


Private training organizations wishing to join the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme shall fulfil all of the following requirements:


  • be in operation for 10 years or more;
  • be the affiliate training organization of either an aviation manufacturer, an airline, a maintenance organization, an air navigation service provider, an airport, a ground handler; and
  • count more than 20 permanent staff.





The TRAINAIR PLUS Programme uses two tools:


  • a methodology to develop standardized courses in civil aviation disciplines; and
  • a sharing system of training packages.


General Benefits of Membership


  • Members of the TPP enjoy the benefits of being part of an established international cooperative network of CATCs. Through the international sharing network, Members have access to all ICAO recognized courses prepared by ICAO and by other TPP Members.
  • Through TPP, Members can progressively upgrade, standardize and harmonize the curriculum of their conventional courses by applying the TRAINAIR PLUS course development methodology.
  • TPP provides a forum that supports cooperation among Member States and a programme for Members to exchange training best practices. Members are expected to participate in all TRAINAIR PLUS events, as well as other relevant ICAO activities.

Membership Categories

The TRAINAIR PLUS Programme is open to all training organizations and operators, provided they are recognized or approved by their respective governments.

The network consists of the following four categories of membership:
1) TPP Bronze / Associate


The TPP Bronze / Associate is the first level of recognition under the TPP Framework. This category is aimed at Members that conduct little or no activity with ICAO, and focus on the TPP assessment to support their internal organization and operations.

TPP Bronze / Associate is also the level of recognition assigned to any new TPP Member joining TPP. Once the new TPP Member enters the network and starts to conduct training activities, it will then have the possibility to accumulate Training Miles and grow its recognition level.


2) TPP Silver / Associate

TPP Silver / Associate is aimed at TPP Members that have a domestic focus, delivering a few activities, mainly in operational training for the benefit of their local aviation community.


3) TPP Gold / Full

TPP Gold / Full is aimed at TPP Members playing a significant role domestically or regionally, delivering a blend of operational and regulatory training, and actively engaged in supporting ICAO and their local aviation authorities via the conduct of annual training activities with an emphasis on ICAO training. 


3) TPP Platinum / Training Centre of Excellence (TCE)

TPP Platinum / TCE is aimed at TPP Members playing a leading role in a region or globally, focusing on regulatory training, and actively supporting ICAO in its capacity-building efforts and effectively assisting ICAO Member States in the implementation of the ICAO SARPs via the extensive delivery of ICAO training.


4) TPP Corporate Partners

The Corporate Partnership is geared for tertiary education providers, such as Universities, regional and international aviation oriented organizations, public institutions and aviation agencies as well as industry companies that wish to participate in the various TPP activities. As a Corporate Partner, an organization will develop and deliver a Partnership Training Package (PTP).


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