Applying to the Programme



Eligibility criteria   

Please take note to the following eligibility criteria applicable to private training organizations wishing to join the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme:


  • be in operation for 10 years or more;
  • be the affiliate training organization of either an aviation manufacturer, an airline, a maintenance organization, an air navigation service provider, an airport, a ground handler; and
  • count more than 20 permanent staff.




How to apply  


Please complete the following steps to initiate your membership application:


    • Step #2.  Complete the Application Cover Letter
      • Completed and sign the application cover letter.
      • Upload application cover letter in the online application form detailed in step #3 (below).
      • The application letter should be on the letterhead of the training centre or organization and addressed to:

    Mr. Diego Martinez
    Chief, Global Aviation Training (GAT)
    and cc:


    For any enquiries, please email us at

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