GAT Overview

The ICAO GAT Section, established in January 2014, is the focal point of contact for all ICAO training related activities. It is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of all ICAO aviation training activities ensuring the efficient, effective and harmonized implementation of the ICAO Training Policy. 


GAT Vision


Lead Human Resources Development in aviation


GAT Mission


Establish coordinated, effective and efficient mechanisms to support the development of human resources in aviation, appealing to Member States and the industry.


GAT Objectives


  • Facilitate the global implementation of ICAO provisions
  • Set up acceptable training and qualifications standards and frameworks
  • Provide guidance to States and industry in skills development


Reference Documents


Document Description 
1 Aviation Training and Capacity-Building Roadmap for StatesA Practical Guide
​2Update to the Criteria for Recognition of RTCEs En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch​Electronic Bulletin (EB 2017/6)
​3Framework for RTCE Status Recognition and Maintenance (En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch)​Policy Update
​4ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy

En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch

​Policy Update
​5 ​​GAT Training Taxonomy​GAT Taxonomy
​6 TPSC Terms of Reference​TPSC Terms of Reference
7 GAT OrganizationGAT Organizational Chart
8 TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Update
En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch
Electronic Bulletin (EB 2014/73)
9 Assembly Resolution A38-12 Appendix D A38 Resolution
10Validator Qualification Process ​ICAO Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Validator Qualification Process
11Procedure to Become an ICAO-Qualified Instructor​Instructor qualifying requirements
12TRAINAIR PLUS Operations Manual (TPOM)​Doc 10052 - Benefits, requirements and procedures of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme
13Training Development Guide (TDG) ​ICAO  Doc 9941
14 ​GAT Statistical Abstract 2017 ​ICAO Training Statistical Abstract: published in March 2018.
15 ​GAT Statistical Abstract 2018 ​​ICAO Training Statistical Abstract: published in March 2019.
GAT Fast Facts
​​ICAO Global Aviation Training FAST Facts: Published in April 2019
GAT Statistical Abstract 2019
​ICAO Training Statistical Abstract: published in September 2020.


The GAT Team


GAT Contact information


ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy.pdf
Policy Update25 May 2016
GAT Organization.pdf
​GAT Organizational Chart01 Jan 2016
TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Update.pdf
​GAT Organizational Chart01 Jan 2016
- French.pdf
- Russian.pdf
- Spanish.pdf
- Arabic.pdf
- Chinese.pdf
ICAO Regional Training Centres of Excellence.pdf
Electronic Bulletin (EB 2014/22)20 May 2014
Assembly Resolution A38-12 Appendix D.pdf
A38 Resolution04 Oct 2013
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