How to Report Retaliation

Retaliation is defined as any direct or indirect detrimental action that adversely affects the employment or working conditions of an individual where such action has been recommended, threatened or taken in whole or in part for the purpose of punishing, intimidating, or injuring an individual, because that individual engaged in a protected activity as set out in paragraph 63 or 66 of the ICAO Framework on Ethics. If established, retaliation constitutes serious misconduct which is subject to possible disciplinary measures.


In accordance with paragraph 68 of the ICAO Framework on Ethics, individuals who believe that retaliatory action has been taken or may be taken against them because they have engaged in a protected activity may submit a request for protection against retaliation to the ICAO Ethics Officer in person, by regular mail to the Ethics Office (8th Floor, Suite 8.05), or by email. They should forward all information and documentation available to them in support of their complaint to the ICAO Ethics Officer as soon as possible but no later than six months after the date on which the individual knew, or in the opinion of the ICAO Ethics Officer, should have known, that the alleged retaliatory action was taken.


The ICAO Ethics Officer has a responsibility to undertake a preliminary assessment of the claim normally within 30 days. If the ICAO Ethics Officer determines that the claim has been made in good faith and that there is a prima facie case of retaliation, the ICAO Ethics Officer will refer the matter to OIOS for investigation.


Where the complaint of retaliation is against the ICAO Ethics Officer, individuals requesting protection against retaliation shall submit their complaint directly to the UN Ethics Office.


If, following a determination by the ICAO Ethics Officer that there is no prima facie case of retaliation or threat of retaliation, the complainant wishes to have the matter reviewed further, the individual may, within 30 calendar days of notification of the determination, refer the matter, in writing to the UN Ethics Office for an independent review.

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