Guidelines for Companies and Vendors Registering with ICAO for Participation in Procurement Opportunities:

Vendors and companies wishing to register on the ICAO Procurement Portal may do so by clicking on "Create an Account" on the right-hand side of the main page of the ICAO Procurement Portal. Any concerns regarding the registration process should be routed to the following e-mail address:, and should specify "Queries with Registration".


In order to ensure a fair, competitive and open process, once a project or procurement is published on the ICAO Procurement Portal, all communications from interested vendors or persons acting on their behalf, which are related to a published tender, must be directed to ICAO via this Portal, as indicated in the Instructions to Tenderers of the tender document.


Vendors or respondents to any tender or solicitation published by ICAO, or persons acting on their behalf, shall not contact (via e-mail or telephone) any employee of the ICAO Procurement Section concerning any aspect of this solicitation between the publishing of the solicitation/tender and the date of the notice of award. Violation of this provision may be grounds for rejecting a response.


A tender price and document must be fully uploaded and submitted to the ICAO Procurement Portal by the indicated closing date/time. It is recommended that potential suppliers wishing to upload their proposal do so within sufficient allotted time and before the closing date of the tender. ICAO is not responsible for issues that may arise when uploading and submitting documents such as speed, time of upload, format, type or quality of documents. Please note that all bids/proposals received after the closing period WILL NOT be accepted by the system under any circumstances. Note also that pricing or financial information provided directly to any ICAO recipient other than through the ICAO Procurement Portal, will automatically disqualify the potential bidder for the tender, as such action compromises the integrity of the Tender process. Please refer to the Instructions to Tenders for details.


In accordance with standard UN Procurement Guidelines, vendors, which have been unsuccessful in a tendering exercise and wish to obtain a de-brief on the tender/solicitation outcome, may do so by contacting ICAO at A debrief meeting will be arranged where the following framework shall apply: During the debriefing only the proposal from the unsuccessful supplier will be reviewed. ICAO will discuss the sections / points of this proposal which were considered not acceptable or non compliant or where ICAO envisages there could be some improvements. ICAO will clarify the evaluation criteria used, the reasons for non-compliance and indicate areas of improvement in future tender participation. In no circumstances will ICAO discuss or disclose any technical details about the proposal selected for award of the contract other than the published final price of the selected vendor.


At any time, suppliers must refrain from directly contacting by telephone or personal work emails, any ICAO Procurement Staff member regarding potential/pipeline projects, and budgets.


Vendors or companies requesting a meeting to demonstrate or provide briefings on their goods/services and/or to obtain information on ICAO procurement opportunities may do so by contacting ICAO at, explaining the intent. If deemed appropriate, the procurement section shall contact the vendor in writing and propose a date for a meeting, if deemed appropriate, which a minimum of two ICAO Procurement Staff shall attend.


ICAO does not, and shall not, tolerate any fraudulent, corrupt and/or collusive practices in the course of its operations. A zero tolerance approach is adopted towards all fraudulent or corrupt practices. Any cooperating partner, supplier and/or other third party entering into a contractual arrangement with ICAO shall be required to represent that it has not, and shall not, engage in any fraudulent, corrupt or collusive practices.


ICAO Vendor Sanction Policy can be found here.


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