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The International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education – ALICANTO

ALICANTO represents universities from all over the world and is a global advocate for aviation education. University participation and input is seen as critical in order to identify and implement effective approaches to adequately attract and prepare the ​next generation of aviation professionals; establish aviation as a desirable career choice of the future, and attract high-quality students in the necessary numbers to meet the industry's future needs. 

​​ICAO Global Aviation Training

The Global Aviation Training Office (GAT) aims to lead Human Resources Development strategies established by the Member States and the aviation community to ensure they have access to a sufficient number of qualified and competent personnel to operate, manage and maintain current and future air transport system at prescribed international standards.

Fundamentals of the Air Transport System Course

Fundamentals of the Air Transport System Course is an asynchronous course which allows for the course to be completed by anyone around the world who has an interest in aviation. It is a tool that students and young professionals can use to find the aviation career that is best aligned with their interests and ambitions – while also serving as a resource to adults who are transitioning into the aviation industry from other sectors, and current aviation professionals who desire to learn more about how aviation works internationally.



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