Fundamentals of the Air Transport System (FATS) eLearning Course

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Fundamentals of the Air Transport System is an asynchronous course which allows for the course to be completed by anyone around the world who has an interest in aviation. It is a tool that students and young professionals can use to find the aviation career that is best aligned with their interests and ambitions – while also serving as a resource to adults who are transitioning into the aviation industry from other sectors, and current aviation professionals who desire to learn more about how aviation works internationally.


The course contains nine modules that cover the following topics:


1) air law; 2) aircraft; 3) operations; 4) navigation; 5) airports; 6) security; 7) environment; 8) accidents; and 9) safety. Each narrated module ranges between 45 and 90 minutes in duration, profiling aviation professionals who work within that sector. Modules incorporate a variety of media, using a combination of imagery, videos, and interactive cases, to allow learners to explore sector-related challenges and opportunities. Each module concludes with a review quiz, targeting the key learning objectives and allowing learners to test their understanding.


The FATS course is free of charge and you can register here (complete your registration, click on "My Training" and select the "Fundamentals of the Air Transport System" Course).


To complete the final exam to earn a certificate at the cost of USD 100, please go to the ICAO Store.

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