Facilitating Data-Driven Decisions for Aviation


iMPLEMENT is an ICAO product designed to help the Directors General of Civil Aviation
and the Transport Ministers:

  • t​o assess the current status of the aviation in their countries, 

  • to identify the best solutions in order to maintain or improve the aviation capability of the State, 

  • to evaluate the needs of the aviation system in term of money, people, infrastructure and to identify and access resources through the existing national, regional or global mechanisms and

  • to showcase the real added value of the aviation and the socio-economic returns of investing in aviation


It is a data-driven decision making process that:

  • produce a High-level report showing State information,

  • facilitates the enhancement of a State’s implementation rate by helping prioritize activities based on data and

  • ​provide a business case for the economic and social impact of aviation development​




State Safety Briefing (SSB)* Import / Export Risks* Solution Center* Civil Aviation Authority - Human Resources (CAA-HR) Toolkit*

Airport Briefing*

Regional Briefing*

​ASBU Performance Assessment Interactive Tool (PAINT)​

​Security and Facilitation

​​Training Needs Analysis (TNA)​Global Cost Database (GCDB)​​*
(under development)
​Enhanced State Briefing*
(under development)​
* Requires an iSTARS/SPACE user account to access
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