Facilitating Data-Driven Decisions for Aviation

iMPLEMENT is an ICAO product designed to help Directors General of Civil Aviation and Transport Ministers to:

  • Assess the current status of the aviation sector in their countries and prioritise problems;
  • Identify the best solutions in order to maintain or improve the aviation capability of the State;
  • Evaluate the needs of the aviation system in term of money, people, infrastructure;
  • Identify and access resources through existing national, regional or global mechanisms; and
  • Showcase the real added value and the socio-economic returns of investments in aviation.

It is a data-driven decision making process that:

  • Produces a High-level report showing State information;
  • Facilitates the enhancement of a State’s implementation rate by helping prioritize activities based on data; and
  • Provides a business case for the economic and social impacts of aviation development.
iMPLEMENT Workshop


The 4-day workshop covers the fundamentals of data-driven decision making, iMPLEMENT and its related iSTARS applications. It is intended for all staff of State regulatory bodies (CAAs), air transport officers, safety managers and safety specialists who are involved in the implementation of ICAO's Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). The participation of staff of Regional Organizations, operators and the industry (ANSPs, Airlines and Airport Operators) is also encouraged.




* Requires an iSTARS/SPACE user account to access
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