ICAO has developed the Integrated Staffing and Training Roadmap for Inspectors (iSTRI) to help States resolve issues related to the establishment of a mechanism to ensure that each safety oversight authority has sufficient personnel to meet its respective national and international obligations (refer to USOAP PQ 2.053).

iSTRI is a three months process aimed at assisting States in determining the number of safety oversight inspectors needed in the areas of aerodromes, operations, airworthiness, air navigation services and personnel licensing. One five-day on-site assistance mission is carried out for the collection of data, for the use of tools available and for the analysis of results obtained.


Upon completion of the five day on-site assistance mission, the State will have:

  1. Finished gathering the necessary data for the iSTRI analysis;
  2. A good sense of the structure of its aviation industry;
  3. Learnt how to use the Manpower Planning tool;
  4. Successfully estimated the number of inspectors needed for its safety oversight activities;
  5. Performed a gap analysis to identify the real needs in terms of inspectors;
  6. Successfully determined the competency needs for prospective inspectors and for those working for the CAA, if needed;
  7. For prospective inspectors, the State will have identified the associated hiring costs.

After the five-day on-site assistance mission, should the State want to produce a report containing recommendations, it can contact ICAO focal points for assistance and advice.


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