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ICAO requirements on continued validity of maintenance organization approvals

Annex 8 Part II Chapter 6, 6.2.4 requires States to ensure that the continued validity of the approval depends upon the organization remaining in compliance with the appropriate requirements defined in the chapter and with the relevant provisions regarding safety management system contained in Annex 19 for an approved maintenance organization.

To meet the intent of the abovementioned Standard, some States have regulations to issue organizations approvals (Airworthiness Maintenance Organizations (AMOs) or organizations performing maintenance under an accepted equivalent system) with or without an expiry date, but with requirements to maintain the continued validity of the approval.


Where a State has issued an acceptance/approval to AMOs or organizations performing maintenance under an accepted equivalent system it means it has determined that:

  • the organization has a satisfactory regulatory compliance history; 
  • continuation of approval of such organizations relies on the on-site surveillance activities required to be completed, by the States issuing the approval; 
  • the CAAs are unable to perform on-site surveillance activities due to COVID-19 crisis; 
  • the maintenance organizations holding a valid approval and all the requirements for the continuation of the approval of the organization(s) have been met, except for the CAAs on-site surveillance.

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