Aircraft Module - Disinfection – Maintenance


Provide a safe, sanitary operating environment for passengers, crew and ground staff.


  • Airlines should be mindful of regular maintenance to both air systems and water systems to ensure they continue to protect the passenger and crew from viruses. Airlines should refer to the Airframe OEM for specific maintenance actions and intervals.
  • Airlines should include access panels and other maintenance areas in their disinfection procedures to ensure a safe environment for the maintenance crews.
  • Airlines may wish to review their operating procedures to minimize the number of personnel who need to be in contact with high-touch surfaces such as access panels, door handles, switches, etc.
  • Airlines should establish maintenance procedures to be applied after disinfection procedures in order to check the Flight Deck, Passenger Cabin and Cargo Compartment for the correct positioning of control handle, circuit breakers and control panels' switches and knobs. Access panels and doors' closure also should be checked.

Means for uniform implementation​

  • OEM communication through ICCAIA and OEM communication with airlines.
  • Use the Aircraft COVID-19 Disinfection Control Sheet (PHC Form 2) or a similar one when appropriate.
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