COVID-19 Response and Recovery Implementation Centre (CRRIC)

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COVID-19 Response and Recovery Implementation Centre (CRRIC) was created as a webiste under the ICAO Secure Portal. The CRRIC bundles resources and tools to assist implementation support, coordination, monitoring and reporting activities and provides easy access to, inter alia:

  • standard slide-deck presenting the content of the CART report and the “Take-off”guidance document;
  • dedicated CART website providing mobile access to the content of the CART report,as well links to iPACKs andassistance activities delivered by CASPCA or other means;
  • the OnlineRoadmap;
  • a series of webinars related tothe CART recommendations and guidance;\
  • a list of focal points in regions and Member States;
  • email support hotlineto answer CART-related questions;
  • online tools; and
  • dashboards.

About the CRRIC

5 webinars were conducted in english, spanish and french. The purpose of those webinars was to inform participants in the use of the different tools available on the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Implementation Centre and to demonstrate their use.

The recordings of those webinars are available on the ICAO Webinar Series website.

Access to the CRRIC is limited to representatives of States, stakeholders and partners involved in the implementation of the recommendations of the report of the Civil Aviation Recovery Task force (CART).

In introductary lab has been created to guide new users through the CRRIC. The lab contains important information on how to get access to the tool and on how to use the gap analysis app. The lab can be downloaded here:

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