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Flight Safety and Safety Management

New courses to meet your immediate needs

ICAO courses are designed to keep you interested, engaged, and up to date with the latest aviation trends. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools that will provide you with innovative solutions to thrive in today’s challenging aviation sector.

Optimal training solutions to support your recovery

Connect with an international community of learners and share ideas and viewpoints in a collaborative environment. With ICAO's online, virtual and classroom training, engage in an interactive learning experience to support your journey towards a full recovery.

Worldwide access in a cost-effective manner

Uncover a wide variety of courses that will drive your career aspirations. Maximize your learning potential with ICAO's accessible and cost-effective training solutions.

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To connect with the global aviation training community, visit the ICAO Aviation Training and Education Directory (ATED), an essential component of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. This user-friendly and integrated search mechanism is designed for aviation professionals seeking to explore ICAO’s training portfolio. ATED users can also learn about ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Members and Corporate Partners for more training opportunities.


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