How to Participate


​​In order to participate in the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD), States are required to follow the procedure outlined below:


  1. Complete and send the  Notice of Participation to the Secretary General of ICAO (Attac​hment A​  of the ICAO PKD MoU) . This Notice should also be sent in advance via email or fax. Please see below for more information;

  2. Make arrangements with the ICAO Secretariat to pay the PKD registration fee as established in Attachment B of the ICAO PKD MoU. Payment can be made by way of an invoice;

  3. Pay the Registration Fee to ICAO;

  4. Once payment is credited to ICAO's account, your State will receive the required documentation for establishing communication with the ICAO PKD Operator and performing the required tests;

  5. Follow the procedures contained in the   Procedures for the ICAO Public Key Directory.

The signed original Notice of Participation should be sent to the following address:


Secretary General

International Civil Aviation Organization

999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard

Montréal, Québec


H3C 5H7 


Please note, a copy of the Notice of Participation should be sent via email to:

ICAO-PKD@ICAO.INT or faxed to +1 514 954 6744.


For more information, please contact ICAO-PKD@ICAO.INT


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