The ICAO Automated Border Control (ABC) Cost Benefit Analysis Tool


The ICAO Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool for Automated Border Control (ABCs) is introduced and made available for download through this webpage. The ICAO ABC Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool was developed and is made openly available thanks to funding provided by the Government of Canada.

What is Automated Border Control (ABC)?

ABC systems comprise physical hardware and associated software that allows for execution of some or all steps of immigration, customs, health-related or other processes associated with crossing of international borders without physical interactions between the traveller and the officer. They allow travellers to self-manage processes with monitoring officers only intervening if and when necessary. Steps including enrolment of information from electronic machine readable travel documents (eMRTDs) such as ePassports, electronic verification of eMRTDs, bearer verification using the facial image of the eMRTD, enrolment of traveller declarations and provision of immigration-relevant information can be accomplished through ABCs. Thus, they reduce burdens on officers associated with administrative work, increase time available for higher-value work and enhance consistency in border checks, improving security and facilitation.

In the context of the ICAO tool, ABC systems include e-gates and kiosks for self-service use by travellers.

What is the ABC Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool?

The ICAO ABC Cost Benefit Analysis Tool comprises 3 complementary documents:

  • The tool itself, implemented as an Excel workbook with several worksheets, that together allow interested parties to analyze qualitative and quantitative costs and benefits of implementing e-gates and/or kiosks in their facilities under a variety of different circumstances;
  • A user manual explaining the proper use of the tool
  • A report providing additional information regarding ABCs, outlining costs and benefits typically associated wtih ABC deployments and describing the application of the tool to the cases of Tocumen airport (PTY) in Panama and Santo Domingo airport (SDQ) in the Dominican Republic that users can learn from. 

Who should use the ABC Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool?

The tool should be interesting to State authorities, airport authorities and others involved in decision-making on deployment of ABC systems in their facilities. It can be used iteratively and over time to model current and anticipated future operational realities in these facilities (e.g. changes in passenger numbers, scheduling, passenger profiles etc.)

It has been developed with use cases in the Central American and Caribbean region in mind and the sample use cases from this region are anticipated to be most relatable to others in this region. However, the tool should be useful to users across the world who will be able to adapt it to their own circumstances.

Is the tool available in my language?

The tool is available in English and Spanish languages.

Where can I obtain further information?

Additional information and support in use of the tool can be obtained by sending us an email.

Download the ICAO ABC Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool

Download the Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool (English)
Download the Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool (Spanish)
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