Data Quality Coach Programme

The Data Quality (DQ) Coach is an initiative, launched in 2021, that envisages the involvement of two volunteer DQ coaches per year, each paired with a selected PKD member state, both new participants and existing ones that are struggling to come up to speed with PKD usage. The coach provides the necessary support to improve state capabilities, initially through online engagement to ensure that appropriate structures and capabilities are in place and, if appropriate, through an on-site visit to conclude all actions necessary to permit full use of the PKD. The visit is followed, if necessary, by any further outreach necessary to ensure continuity of effective operations going forward until the end of the calendar year.

The experts and states are selected from a roster of applicants by a panel comprising of PKD Board members.

The appointed DQ coaches are intended to support the receiving state in their efforts to appropriately make use of their PKD participation. The coach is not intended to execute work on behalf of the state. It is incumbent on the receiving state to have the appropriate organizational setup and capacities necessary to execute the work intended.


Mongolia became the first participant of the Data Quality Coach programme in 2021.


Expert coaches

Coaches work directly with assigned states to support their full and proper upload and download of relevant data from the ICAO PKD and to ensure appropriate usage of this data in the context of their operations. The majority of the work involves remote engagement; where necessary and appropriate, an on-site visit to conclude the coaching activity is facilitated by the ICAO Secretariat.

PKD participants wishing to nominate experts from their states are invited to submit their CVs to ICAO PKD via email Two experts engage in work directly with states every year.


Candidate countries

State representatives may put their state forward for participation in the Data Quality Coach program using this online nomination form. All applications are screened by the selection panel comprising Executive Body members. Participation in the program is open only to those states that are PKD members.

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