Disclaimer – This information has been compiled as a tool and is not intended to replace Doc 9303 or any other supporting documents and technical reports. This document is subordinate to official documents; should this document differ, Doc 9303 and ICAO Technical Reports take precedence.


Before explaining the basic requirements for conducting ePassport validation, the page on Basics of ePassport Cryptography provides information on how ePassports are digitally signed. This section provides important foundational information that is necessary for understanding the steps for validating ePassports.

Conducting ePassport validation requires three general steps:


 Access to CSCA Certificates, DSCs and CRLs


Document readers capable of opening the ePassport chip


ePassport Validation and Inspection


For each of the above requirements, there are multiple options that must be considered to determine the best implementation solution for your State.


Assumption: It is assumed that States interested in the PKD and ePassport validation will have already begun issuing ePassports and have the necessary national PKI for signing ePassports in accordance with Doc 9303.

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