Updated Aviation Security standards adopted by the ICAO Council

Montréal, 6 May 2022 – During its recent 225th Session the Council of ICAO adopted Amendment 18 to Annex 17 to the International Standards and Recommended Practices, Aviation Security (Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation). 

Amendment 18 arises from the proposals of the Thirty-second Meeting of the Aviation Security Panel (AVSECP/32), held virtually from 31 May to 4 June 2021, in order to ensure that the measures in Annex 17 – Aviation Security are commensurate with the level of threat to civil aviation. 

When adopting Amendment 18, the Council prescribed 18 July 2022 as the date on which it would become effective, except for any part concerning which the majority of Member States have registered their disapproval before that date. In addition, the Council resolved that Amendment 18, to the extent it becomes effective, will become applicable on 18 November 2022. 
A robust security culture is a necessary component of a strong aviation security environment, as highlighted by the ICAO Year of Security Culture 2021. The introduction of a new provision dedicated to security culture will ensure the implementation and integration of an effective security culture in organizations.

A new Standard will clarify the policy intent and will ensure consistent application by States and aircraft operators of requirements for Aircraft Operator Security Programmes (AOSP).

Another new Standard in this amendment aims to enhance aviation security by ensuring that States apply appropriate hold baggage screening methods capable of detecting explosives and explosive devices. 

Finally, a new Standard outlines essential elements of a national civil aviation security quality control programme to be developed, implemented, and maintained.
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