Update on fact-finding investigation into Ryanair flight FR4978

Montréal, 16 June 2021 – In response to the ICAO Council’s decision that the ICAO Secretariat establish a fact-finding investigation into events surrounding Ryanair flight FR4978, official Requests for Information (RFIs) have now been issued to countries with direct ties to the events. 

Belarus and Poland had already provided some preliminary details. Information has also been sought from Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, and Switzerland. 

An interim report will be presented to the ICAO Council by the end of its current session, on or near 23 June. 

As RFI responses are still being sought, the investigation is ongoing, with a report expected at the Council’s next session, which begins on 13 September. 

The ICAO fact-finding investigation is being led by its Aviation Security team, with additional support from experts in the areas of Aircraft Operations, Air Navigation, and International Aviation Law. 

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