Technical assistance project to support the enhancement of Tanzania's aviation safety oversight system

Front row, from left: Prof. Longinus Rutasitara, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA); Barry Kashambo, ICAO ESAF Regional Director; Hamza Johari, TCAA Director General; Hon. Eng. Godfrey Kasekenya (MP), Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Works and Transport of Tanzania; Xu Chen, Minister Counselor of the People's Republic Of China to the United Republic of Tanzania; Ally Possi; Deputy Permanent Secretary-Ministry of Works and Transport of Tanzania (Transport Sector); Amour Hamil Bakari, Permanent Secretary -Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport (Zanzibar).

Back row, from left: Mgonya Benedict, Treasury Registrar; Martha Luanda, Representative from the Minister of Finance and Planning of Tanzania; Mtumwa Ameir, TCAA Board Member; Dr. Eng. Malima Bundala, TCAA Board Member; Clara Mpili, TCAA Director Safety Regulation; Yusuf Mohamed Ally, TCAA Board Member; Eng. Emmanuel Mikongoti, National Project Coordinator-Project TZA20801.

Montréal and Dar Es Salaam, 19 January 2022 – The successful launch of a new China funded ICAO capacity-building project to strengthen Tanzania’s aviation safety oversight system was celebrated at a special launching ceremony last week.

The event was attended by Honourable Eng. Godfrey Kasekenya (MP), Deputy Minister for Ministry of Works and Transport of the United Republic of Tanzania, and by Mr. Xu Chen, Minister Counsellor of the People’s Republic of China to the United Republic of Tanzania. ICAO Secretary General Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar was represented by Mr. Barry Kashambo, Regional Director, Eastern and Southern Africa (ESAF). 

In addition to the provision of expert support for the improvement of technical activities in the fields of aerodromes, flight operations, air navigation services, accident and incident investigation, the project will spur Tanzania’s civil aviation system to benefit from workshops and on-the-job training to build human resource capacities in these fields as well as procurement of safety hardware and software tools.

Mobilizing resources to support enhancements to capacities of ICAO Member States’ civil aviation authorities and systems is a priority for the UN aviation agency, and the project represents a major contribution towards this goal. 

It was underscored at the ceremony that this latest cooperation between Tanzania and ICAO is being pursued despite numerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that it will ultimately improve the level of implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices in  Tanzania to enable safer aircraft operations.

Funded through China’s South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, the new collaborative project is implemented through ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Bureau. 
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