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Montréal, 6 March 2019 – The Council of ICAO, during its 216th Session, has made another set of important decisions toward the timely implementation of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). 


Agreement was reached for the operationalization of TAB (Technical Advisory Body), a group of experts nominated by States with a mandate to make recommendations to the Council, regarding “eligible emissions units” for use by airlines in CORSIA. 


The Council also approved the Emissions Units Criteria (EUC), which would be used by TAB to undertake the assessment of emissions unit programmes, and subsequently make recommendations on eligible units. 


The Council further approved the Terms of Reference (TOR) for TAB, including its mandate, tasks and working methods. Based on the TOR, TAB will initiate work by defining its work programme and timeline. 


An open invitation will be issued on the ICAO CORSIA website, by which emissions unit programmes that wish to be considered by TAB for eligibility in CORSIA can apply. Applications submitted will be published on the website, and the public will be invited to submit comments on the submissions, for consideration by TAB. 


​Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, President of the Council of ICAO, recognized that “These decisions related to TAB are critical to the Council’s adoption of eligible units for CORSIA, representing another milestone in fulfilling the requests made by the 2016 Assembly.” 


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