Seating Arrangements


Seating arrangements for the Plenary meetings are based on the number of participating Member States and International Organizations, the size of their registered and accredited delegations and the capacity of the Assembly Hall. Some additional seats are available to Members States Delegates in the back of the Assembly Hall and Galleries located on the fifth floor of the Conference Centre. Member States’ advisers and International Organizations’ observers and other participants are also invited to view the opening proceedings in Conference Room 3 which is fully interactive with the Assembly Hall and monitored by the Chairperson of the Meeting. The foyer area outside Conference Room 3 can also be used to view the opening proceedings. The following link can be used to connect to the live webcast of the Plenaries:



Two seats will be allotted to each Member State delegation (one at the table and one behind). Please note that there are not enough seats to accommodate all Observer delegations due to the limited capacity of the rooms. Therefore, a maximum of one seat per Observer delegation may be allotted. For Webcasting availability, please refer to the ICAO Livecast schedule here:

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