ICAO Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference


About ICAO Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference



The theme of the conference is “From Development to Implementation” which encompasses implementation of operational improvements, such as technology, operational concepts, and roadmaps, from the conceptual phase until deployment. It emphasizes the importance of concepts for global use, development of implementation plans regionally, and implementation of performance improvements locally, based on specific operational requirements in a cost-effective manner.




The operation of the air navigation system covers a wide variety of subjects. AN-Conf/13 will be the event for open discussion on issues and proposed solutions relating to flight safety and air navigation capacity, efficiency and other key performance areas of particular interest to the aviation community and which will benefit society in general. The in-depth technical discussions at AN-Conf/13, which will take place in two committees — the Air Navigation Committee (Committee A) and the Safety Committee (Committee B), will result in realistic global plans and a work programme focused on the pressing and forecasted needs of international civil aviation.




The conference is a formal ICAO meeting that will provide an opportunity for Member States and aviation stakeholders to work towards ever-evolving global strategies for safety and air navigation planning, development and implementation. It will coalesce views of the global aviation community around major objectives for safety and air navigation and set priorities for the coming years.


At the conference, subject matter experts will participate in detailed technical discussions which are expected to lead to agreement on a set of high-level recommendations in different key performance areas of the air navigation system. These recommendations will be submitted for approval to the ICAO Council for subsequent endorsement by the 40th Session of the Assembly in 2019.


The technical discussions at the conference will lead to a more efficient and effective decision-making process during the ICAO Assembly and will allow for the focus to be on strategic issues based on sound technical advice.