Exhibition Opportunities - SkyTalks Zone

The A40 SkyTalks Zone offers a unique exhibition opportunity for your company to achieve optimal exposure during the 40th Session of the Assembly.


What to expect:


  • Access to 2,000 VIP delegates representing the governments of ICAO’s 193 Member States, as well as industry leaders and the heads of many international organizations.
  • The opportunity to network with high-level public and private-sector decisions makers.


Exhibition Floor Plan


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Additional information


Please note that ICAO’s 40th Session of the Assembly is a high-level meeting with strict rules of procedure. Accordingly, the A40 SkyTalks will be held in a distinct SkyTalks room adjacent to the main ICAO Assembly Hall. Please be advised that exhibitors (company’s representatives and staff) cannot take part in the discussions held in the Assembly Hall.


A40 SkyTalks presentations will be allocated based on meeting selection criteria and approval from the Office of the Secretary General. Please note that only exhibitors can reserve SkyTalks, and that the number of available slots is limited.

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