Given time constraints during the Assembly, Member States are strongly encouraged to submit a written statement in preference to delivering an oral statement during the session since the time allocated for statements by delegations during the Plenary is limited. The advantage of written statements submitted in advance of the opening is that these will be translated if received by 2 August 2019. Written statements should be a maximum of four pages.


Written statements by delegations to be presented under Agenda Item 8 should be submitted to the Assembly and Council Secretariat ( at least ten days before the opening of the session, and will be posted online.


For oral statements to be delivered on behalf of a Member State during the Plenary, arrangements should be made directly with Assembly and Council Secretariat (contact details below), which will coordinate arrangements for the list of speakers for the Plenary. In this instance, Member States should notify their intention to deliver an oral statement at least ten calendar days in advance of the opening Plenary session. Oral statements should focus on agenda items or topics related to the main subjects of discussion within the Organization and should be no longer than five minutes. In addition, copies of the prepared oral statement to be delivered, should be submitted in advance.

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