A40 Mobile App

ICAO has launched the A40 event app to support delegates at the 40th ICAO Assembly!


This new resource for participant connectivity and event information will put delegate tools for networking, schedules, session information and much more in the palm of your hand.


The App is available for download on the APP store and on Google play.


If your mobile device is not an Apple or Android device, or is not otherwise compatible with the App, you can access the online version of the event app at: https://www.icao.int/A40app.


Once the application is downloaded, you will receive, at the email address you used to register for the event, a verification code to confirm your registration. Your code will be sent from the following email address: support@crowdcompassmail.com.


Privacy of participant information


This app event is by invite-only to event delegates and to ICAO HQ staff. Anyone can download it and see publicly available content (including maps, election results of the council, list of delegates, SkyTalks workshops and some other information and documents related) without a log-in (i.e. without an approved registration). However, to see the schedule, session information, and the list of other registered participants/attendees (including their name, position, and organization, and to be able to request them as contacts), an app user would need to be an approved registered event participant (or an event administrator). The only private profile information available initially is the person’s email address. By default, attendees’ profile information is private, requiring that attendees approve pending contact requests before someone can view their profile. Only the attendant can modify this setting or add other personal information such as a photo, etc. App users may receive official “Push Notifications” from ICAO during the Assembly.


Certain functions of the app are not enabled for this event.


How-to Video


(Note: This video is available in English only)



Quick guide to download the App (Available in English only)


FAQs (Available in English only)

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