For the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly (A40), documentation will be uploaded to the Assembly website ( and will also be sent automatically to each State’s electronic mailbox as it becomes available. The Compendium of A40 Working Papers will be made available by 11 September 2019 in PDF format on ICAO-NET, for access on tablets, laptops, phones, etc. Saleable ICAO publications required as reference for the work of the Assembly will also be accessible on ICAO-NET. Access to ICAO-NET ( will be provided to all delegates upon registration.


Given the availability of all Assembly documentation in electronic format, no paper copies of the Compendium of A40 Working Papers will be distributed prior to the Assembly unless specifically requested. The paper format Compendium will be distributed at the start of the Assembly, upon request only, up to a maximum of two copies per delegation of each Member State, and one copy per Observer delegation. States requiring the Compendium in paper format are invited to indicate in advance their need for paper copies by sending a request to ICAO Printing Services ( indicating the language version(s) of their choice no later than 30 August 2019. Only one request for copies will be accepted by ICAO Printing Services; each Member State must determine who submits this request. Documentation in paper format that has been requested in advance may be collected at a location to be indicated at the A40 registration desk. Assembly documentation that is published after the issuance of the Compendium will be available in paper and digital format, per the established practice.


The documentation center is located on the fourth floor of the Conference centre. It will be open daily from 08:00 to 17:00 during the Assembly (Tuesday 24 September to Friday 4 October 2019, except Sunday 29 September 2019).

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