ICAO Welcome Committee


The ICAO Secretariat, wishes to extend a warm welcome to those accompanying participants in the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly to be held from 24 September to 4 October 2013.
You will find attached a Programme of Activities for you to enjoy during your stay in Montréal. We hope you will find it both interesting and enjoyable.
An information desk, located on the ground floor of the ICAO Headquarters Building, staffed by members of the Secretariat, will operate between 0830 and 1700 hours during the first week of the Assembly (excluding Saturday) and from 0830 to 1230 during the second week. Those wishing to participate in any of the scheduled activities should register at the Information Desk and should fill in the corresponding registration stubs which appear after the description of each activity outlined in this programme.
Please note that for each activity a special registration deadline has been established. Please make sure that you carry your registration receipt with you on the day of the activity, as you will be asked to show it.
Should you need to cancel your registration, please do so by telephoning 954-8219, extension 7081, as early as possible, as we always have long waiting lists.
Due to limited seating capacity on buses, priority for registration will be given to visiting participants.  For resident participants, registrations will be taken from a separate list on  a "first come first-served" basis, except in such cases when a Visiting participant wishes to be accompanied by a Resident participant of her own Delegation, then the latter will be registered on the Priority list.
Transportation will leave punctually at the times stated.
Those attending an event are requested to please wear their respective badges.
The staff at the Information Desk will also endeavour to provide other type of information and/or advice as required.
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