Guidelines for the Preparation of Working Papers and Deadlines for Submission

To ensure the quality and consistency of presentation, guidelines have been prepared to assist States/Organizations in the preparation of working papers to be submitted to the Assembly. Guidelines and templates are available on the Assembly website under “Documentation”.
Documentation that your Government or Organization may wish to submit for consideration at the meeting should be forwarded electronically, in Microsoft Word format, to ICAO by e-mail at as soon as possible.
Working papers should be brief, action-oriented and focused, with a four-page limit, including any appendices. Only working papers submitted by Member States and received by ICAO no later than 20 August 2013, will be translated. Due to resource constraints, the deadline for submission of documentation for translation will be strictly enforced, as it is important that all participants have access to the substantive part of Assembly documentation well in advance of the start of the Assembly.

Working papers received between 21 August and 10 September 2013 will not be translated and will be issued in the language or languages of submission.  It is important to note therefore that there is no guarantee that working papers submitted after the deadline of 10 September 2013 will be available before the start of the Assembly or in time for deliberation of the item by the Assembly. States are encouraged to submit documentation in more than one of the languages of the meeting (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish).
Working papers received from international organizations will not be translated and will be issued only in the language or languages submitted. These papers must reach ICAO no later than 10 September 2013.
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