​Opening Session: Setting the Scene

Ms. Jane Hupe, ICAO - Setting the Scene


Agenda Item 1: Developments in certification and deployment of aviation fuels

Dr. Jim Hileman, U.S. FAA - Fuel Approval Process & Status

Mr. Aaron Robinson, United Airlines - Challenges in SAF scale-up

Mr. Fokko Kroesen, KLM - Deployment of sustainable aviation fuels at KLM

Ms. Jannike Ludvigsson, Swedavia - Our license to operate - Sustainable aviation fuel


Agenda Item 2: State and Organization initiatives for the deployment of alternative fuel

Ms. Claire Rais-Assa, DGCA France - The challenge of Sustainable Aviation Fuels development

Mr. Cesar Velarde, Spanish State Safety Agency (AESA) - Spain and the Balanced Compromise: Towards use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels through a regulator - industry dialogue

Mr. Nate Brown, U.S. FAA - U.S. efforts for SAF deployment

Mr. Adriano Bonotto, Brazil - SAF in Brazil: overview

Dr. Alejandro Rios G., Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC), UAE - Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) potential in the United Arab Emirates

Mr. Kurt Edwards, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) - Business Aviation and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Dr. Hassan El-Houjeiri, Saudi Arabia - Aviation Climate Policy & Lower Carbon Aviation Fuel

Mr. Alfredo Ramos, Mexico Biojet Cluster - Present and future of the Bio Jet Fuel Cluster (México)

Mr. Fred Ghatala, Canada - Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative and Domestic SAF Progress (Clean Fuel Standard)


Agenda Item 3: Financing and assistance programmes for aviation fuels

Dr. Laurel Harmon, LanzaTech - Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Ethanol

Mr. Thomas Parsons, Air BP - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Deployment

Mr. Henrik Erametsa, Neste - Financing and other aspects of SAF projects

Ms. Charlotte Hardenbol, SkyNRG - Enabling SAF uptake

Ms. Juju Zhishen Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Quantitative Policy Analysis for Sustainable Alternative Fuel Technologies

Dr. Neil Dickson, ICAO - Results of the feasibility studies on SAF: Africa and the Caribbean

Ms. Tjaša Bole-Rentel, WWF-SA - Assessing sustainable biofuel potential in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ms. Jane Hupe, ICAO - Role of SAF feasibility studies


Agenda Item 4: Developments in sustainability of aviation fuels

Mr. Tim Cesarek, Gevo - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Using Low Carbon Inputs

Dr. Norbert Schmitz, International Sutainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) - Developments in Sustainability of Aviation Fuels - The Role of SCS

Ms. Elena Schmidt, Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) - The role of the SCS in CORSIA: The RSB System

Mr. Mike Lu and Mr. Romulo Veiga, Brazil - Vision 2030 MG – Minas Gerais and The Juiz de Fora proof-of- concept

Dr. Bruno Silva, ICAO - Sustainability of CORSIA Eligible Fuels


Agenda Item 5: Current information for updating the 2050 ICAO Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Dr. Neil Dickson and Ms. Jane Hupe, ICAO - Stocktaking Results and Closing


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