Technical information


Registration of delegations by Focal Points
​from 4 October
via the ICAO SecurePortal
Please refer to Electronic Bulletin 2021/33 for more information.
First workshop for Focal Points
​14 October
​Introductory session on general technical information, including registration, platform functionalities, etc. 
Please register by email to 
​Access to the ICAO Virtual Attendee Platform
​25 October
​All registered Focal Points and Members of Delegation will receive an email with login instructions
​Second Workshop for Focal Points
​4 November
Presenting the ICAO Virtual Attendee Platform from a FP perspective
Workshop for all participants
25 November​​Presenting the ICAO Virtual Attendee Platform to all users
Third Workshop for Focal Points
​30 November
​Final Q&A session on the platform's functionalities
Start of ICAN Event
​6 December

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