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The citizens of certain countries may need a tourism visa, which can be obtained in the corresponding consulate, for more information delegates are invited visit the following website:

Country information

International System of Units

Colombia uses the International System of Units (SI), the successor of the Decimal Metric System. This is very important for understanding sizing and distances, since instead of inches, feet or miles, you'll be using centimeters, meters and kilometers.

Mass is measured in grams, kilograms and tons; speed is measured in kilometers per hour (km/h) and the temperature in degrees Celsius or centigrade (°C).


In Colombia, you'll find the following power outlets: flat 2-prong sockets or sockets with a third, round prong. But don't worry; it's easy to find power adapters and voltage regulators at any hardware store or department store.

Bear in mind that the domestic power supply in Colombia is 110 volts of alternating current or 60 hertz (110V AC, 60Hz).

Currency and exchange rate

TRM= 1 USD = $ 3,829 COP as of September 20th – 2021, this is a variable rate, please check accordingly.

Discover Colombia

On your trip to Colombia, you can enjoy stunning cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali or Cartagena, delight in the colorful Barranquilla Carnival and soak up the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range and Tayrona National Park. 

To make the most of your stay, please find hereunder links with information and practicalities to help you navigate the country and its culture:


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