All participants must pre-register online prior to their arrival in Montréal. Please note that the original deadline for pre-registration and the submission of credential letters as indicated below has been extended to 21 January 2015. Early pre-registration is recommended due to the high number of expected delegates.


Note: Please ensure that you select ‘Second High-level Safety Conference (HLSC/2)’ for the meeting


Important Notice

Online pre-registration will be closed by 28 January 2015 at 5pm (Montréal time)​


Participants are advised to obtain their badges on-site at the Conference Centre, located at the ICAO Headquarters premises, as early as possible during the following registration hours:


Registration Hours​ ​ ​
Friday ​30/01/2015 ​14:00 - 17:00  ICAO Staff and Resident Delegations
​Sunday ​01/02/2015 ​13:00 - 21:00  All
Monday​ ​02/02/2015 ​07:00 - 11:00  All
Tuesday​ ​03/02/2015 ​08:30 - 10:00  All
​Wednesday ​04/02/2015 ​08:30 - 10:00  All


Participants who wish to submit their photograph in advance will benefit from shorter processing time at registration. Delegates will be issued an identification badge at registration, which will be required to access the Conference Centre. Instructions will be provided in the registration confirmation message. ​      





Credentials are required for the meeting and should be signed on behalf of the State or international organization concerned, by a person duly authorized to do so, giving the name and position of each member of the delegation and indicating the capacity in which he or she is empowered to serve at the meeting as follows:

- Member States: Delegate, Alternate, Adviser

- Non-Member States and international Organizations: Observer

A single letter may be used to provide the necessary information for more than one person. 


The original credentials may be sent in advance to the Secretary General by e-mail to or be deposited when registering on-site.






















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