Information For Delegates



A list of hotels and apartment hotels within reasonable distance from ICAO Headquarters is available here. Reference to the ICAO Conference will facilitate prompt processing of reservations.


Delegations may make reservations directly with the hotel of their choice or may make use of the ICAO Travel Services, Fax Number +1 (514) 954-6758. Telephone Number +1 (514) 954-8102. Delegates must provide a credit card number to guarantee hotel accommodation.




In compliance with Annex 9 — Facilitation, paragraph 3.19, Canada has already dispensed with the requirement for entry visas for temporary visitors from States. However, some nationals continue to require visas for entry into Canada. Any participant requiring a visa should take steps to obtain it in good time from the nearest Canadian Authority. Furthermore, in order to facilitate entry formalities upon arrival in Canada, it is suggested that participants carry with them a copy of the document notifying them that they are representatives of their State at the Conference and that they so identify themselves to the Canadian immigration authorities.


Information on ICAO programmes not covered by the HLSC2015


Participants who are planning to take advantage of their presence in Montréal to seek information or exchange views on ICAO programmes not covered by the Second HLSC2015 are encouraged to advise ICAO of their request well ahead of time. The Secretariat will make every effort to address those requests and organize, if necessary, briefings which are likely to be scheduled after the close of the Conference on Thursday afternoon, 5 February 2015.

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