High-level Meeting on the feasibility of a long-term aspirational goal for international aviation CO₂ emissions reductions

The Report of the High-Level Meeting on the Feasibility of a Long-Term Aspirational Goal for International Aviation CO2 Emissions Reductions (HLM-LTAG) is available in all ICAO languages as ICAO Doc 10178.

 ICAO Doc 10178 - Report of the HLM-LTAG

The HLM-LTAG recording is available on ICAO.TV

The High-level Meeting on the Feasibility of a Long-term Aspirational Goal for International Aviation CO2 Emissions Reductions (HLM-LTAG) was held at the ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada, from 19 to 22 July 2022 as a hybrid event (in-person and virtual participation).


The need for the HLM-LTAG stems from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly Resolution A40-18, paragraph 9, which requested the Council to explore the feasibility of LTAG, and for the progress of the work to be presented to the 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly. 


The HLM-LTAG will be invited to discuss the CO2 emissions reduction scenarios and options for a goal, along with the means of implementation and the monitoring of progress, before concluding with recommendations. 


The Meeting will bring together high-level officials from States who will have the authority to make policy commitments, as well as a number of international organizations with direct involvement in aviation and/or environment are also being invited to participate as Observers. 


Prior to the HLM-LTAG, the Meeting is preceded by the 2022 ICAO Stocktaking, held on 18 July 2022 to enable the sharing with delegates of the latest relevant information, including the latest innovations on technology, operations and fuels.

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