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 Monitoring of the West Africa Ebola outbreak

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is actively monitoring reports of increased incidence of the Ebola virus in the UN agency’s Western and Central African (WACAF) Region. ICAO has stressed that the latest advice on the new outbreak from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the risk of infection for travellers and tourists remains very low.

ICAO will continue to monitor updates through its Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA) programme, which coordinates directly with the WHO and is designed to help ICAO Member States manage outbreaks of communicable diseases that affect the aviation sector.

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 Senegal Visa procedure

Deadline for entry visa request through the ICAO Dakar Office: 12 May 2014

To facilitate the issuance of an entry visa to the registered participants of the AFI Aviation Safety Symposium, the Senegalese Authorities have provided the attached form. After your online registration, please download this form, complete all fields and return it by email to the ICAO Regional Office of Dakar.

Attn.:  Ms. Diop Mame-Yacine
Upon receipt of your online registration and Entry Visa form, the ICAO Regional Office of Dakar will keep you informed on the status of your Entry Visa.


Senegal Visa procedure after 12 May 2014:

As per the 1st of July 2013, all applications for (entry) visas will be made online at .
In case of difficulty or additional information, contact in Dakar:
Tel: (00221) 33 889 89 30 – info line: (00221) 78 149 96 96 (24h/24h) – Email:


  • An entry Visa for Senegal is not required for UNLP and diplomatic passports holders.
  • National passports holders from the following countries are also exempted for entry visa to Senegal: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo.

List of documents required for obtaining a visa:

  1. The original receipt of payment of visa fee (€50)
  2. A visa application from duly completed and signed by the applicant
  3. Passport valid for at least six month + a photocopy of the first five pages
  4. The airfare ticket or a detailed proof of booking airfare
  5. The hotel booking or letter of invitation (a copy of proof of ownership title if the applicant is the owner of the house in Senegal)
  6. A signed and notarized parental consent if the applicant is a minor traveling alone

Step 1 : Pre-enrolment

Get ready a complete set of scanned files: passport, airfare ticket and hotel booking (not mandatory) before starting online process. The visa applicant has the opportunity to be pre-enrolled online or at the nearest Enrolment Center.
Case 1: Pre-enrolment on line
  1. Socio-biographical information
  2. Download the required documents  
  3. Travel information and contacts
Case 2: Pre-enrolment at the Enrolment Center
After online payment the visa applicant with a receipt for payment goes to the nearest Enrolment Center, fills out the form on site and is enrolled. The consular officer shall issue a receipt and an appointment for the removal of visa.

Step 2 : Payment

Total cost : 50 Euros (excluding bank fee) for the visa valid up to 90 days
Case 1: Online Payment
Get ready a complete set of scanned files: passport, airfare ticket and hotel booking (not mandatory) before starting Payment online process. Secure online payment with a visa card or MasterCard.
Case 2: Payment of fees at the International Airport of Dakar Leopold Sedar Senghor*
Payment at the cashpoint installed close to the visa issuing post (you can pay either by card or by cash withdrawal from an ATM).
*Note: Payment at the airport is reserved for special missions, assuming that travelers are not pre-enrolled online before starting trip.

Step 3 : Enrolment at the Consulate or at the airport

The applicant goes either to the nearest Enrolment Center (highly recommended method) or at the Dakar airport upon arrival with required documents as listed above (“List of documents required for obtaining a visa”).
Case 1: The applicant goes to the Consulate with the Approved pre-enrolment to be enrolled. Once there, the bar code is scanned and the date of the applicant’s appearance is noted. The enrolment consists in registering the applicant’s biometric data and issuing a receipt of enrolment. The visa is issued within 24 hours after confirmation of authority.
The receipt of enrolment contains the following data:
  • The place of issuance of the receipt, the date and time of recording biometric data;
  • Socio-biographical information of the applicant (name, date of birth, passport number)
Case 2: The applicant gets on board with approved pre-enrolment document. Upon arrival at the Dakar airport, the applicant requests his biometric enrolment (the visa will be printed and attached to the passport) before immigration clearance.

Step 4 : Visa issuance

  • The visa application is processed within 24 hours after enrolment
  • To withdraw the visa, the applicant must be physically present at the nearest Enrolment Center with the receipt of enrolment
  1. To avoid the queues at the Leopold Sédar Senghor International Airport in Dakar, it is STRONGLY recommended that the applicant obtain an entry Visa, before travelling, to the closest enrolment center.
  2. For non-listed diplomatic representations, the visa will be issued at the Dakar airport after a successful pre-enrolment online.
  3. The enrolment (the fingerprinting and photo) is required for each visa application, even if the applicant has already obtained several visas.
  4. The applicant has the possibility to send someone to withdraw the visa upon presentation of the original copy of the receipt of enrolment, a power of attorney signed by the applicant and a photocopy of his/her ID.
  5. The biometric visa requires the presence of the applicants. The fingerprinting is mandatory for all applicants except children under 12 years, but their presence is necessary.
  6. The biometric visa can be extended up to one year renewable upon arrival in Dakar and after Immigration Authorities clearance.



Vaccination against yellow fever required if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.
Exempt from Yellow Fever vaccination:
  1. Children under 9 months of age
  2. Passengers transiting Senegal provided not leaving the transit area
  3. Passengers transiting countries with risk of yellow fever transmission provided not leaving the transit areas.


  1. Vaccination against yellow fever for all passengers over 9 months of age;
  2. Malaria prophylaxis. Malaria risk – mainly in the malignant (P. falciparum) form – exists throughout the year in the whole country. There is less risk from January through June in the central western regions.
Resistance to chloroquine and sulfadoxine-purimethamine reported. Recommended prevention: IV.
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