Session 1Setting the sceneICAO
Session 2Overview of the AFI Plan, APIRG and RASG-AFIAFI Plan Steering Committee
Session 2Technical Assistance & its Projects in the AFI RegionEASA
Session 2AFI Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (AFI-CIS)AFCAC
Session 2Assistance programmesU.S. FAA
Session 3Resolution of SSCSudan CAA
Session 3Resolution of SSCZambia DoCA
Session 3Effective implementation of the ICAO Plan of ActionCote d'Ivoire ANAC
Session 4Human resources development challenges in AfricaICAO
Session 4Capacité de l’État en matière de supervision de la sécuritéMorocco
Session 5Establishment and strengthening of the CAAGhana CAA
Session 5Air operators certification and maintenance of an aircraft registryKenya CAA
Session 5Aerodrome certificationCabo Verde CAA
Session 5Evolving from safety oversight into safety managementSouth Africa CAA
Session 6The airline viewRwandaAir
Session 6The airport viewAgence des Aéroports du Sénégal
Session 6The manufacturer viewAirbus ProSky
Session 6The manufacturer viewBoeing
Session 7Round table on the way forwardICAO
Session 7Preliminary Outcomes of Session 2ICAO
Session 7Preliminary Outcomes of Session 3AFCAC
Session 7Preliminary Outcomes of Session 4ICAO
Session 7Preliminary Outcomes of Session 5ICAO
Session 7Preliminary Outcomes of Session 6IATA
All SessionsAFI Aviation Safety Symposium ReportSecretariat
All SessionsSymposium Afrique-océan Indien (AFI) sur la sécurité de l'aviation RapportSecretariat
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