How to become a A40 SkyTalks Presenter

ICAO is encouraging the aviation community to present their own SkyTalks on any topic relating to the Organization’s core Strategic Objectives for Aviation Safety, Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency, Security and Facilitation, Environmental Protection, and Economic Development.


We would also consider SkyTalks pertaining to current opportunities for improved technical cooperation and capacity-building in aviation, as these relate to ICAO’s No Country Left Behind Initiative.


What you, The Presenter can expect:


  • An exclusive opportunity to present your SkyTalks during the 40th Session of the Assembly.
  • Access to the special A40 SkyTalks Zone and networking opportunities with government and industry officials.


SkyTalks Schedule


Download the agreement form

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Additional information

Please note that ICAO’s 40th Session of the Assembly is a high-level meeting subject to UN Protocol. Accordingly, the A40 SkyTalks will be held in a distinct SkyTalks room adjacent to the main ICAO Assembly Hall. Please be advised that exhibitors (company’s representatives and staff) cannot take part in the discussions held in the Assembly Hall.


A40 SkyTalks presentations will be selected based on pre-determined criteria and approval from the Office of the Secretary General. Please note that only exhibitors can reserve SkyTalks, and that the number of available slots is limited.

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