NAT SPG/54, Paris, France - 25 to 28 June 2018

​The  54th meeting of the North Atlantic Systems Planning Group was held in Paris, France at the ICAO EUR NAT Office, from 25 to 28 June 2018.

The Meeting was attended by 32 participants from 9 States and 6 international organisations.



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The NAT SPG was informed about recent significant international aviation developments both at the regional and global level.

The NAT SPG reviewed and validated the upcoming NAT Planning and implementation programmes, reviewed the NAT Safety performance and the oversight issues and agreed on next steps to be undertaken, and reviewed  the NAT economic, financial and forecast issued.

Lastly, the NAT SPC approved the publication of several documents including OPS bulleting, Reports ( 2017 NAT Annual Safety Report)  as well as ICAO EUR NAT documents;  recommended the update of other ICAO documents such as the NAT Regional Supplementary Procedures (NAT SUPPs, Doc 7030/5) and approved the upcoming work programme including for its sub-groups.

During the discussions the importance of the NAT and its pioneering role in many innovative implementations was also emphasized.

The report of this 54rth meeting will be then by reviewed by the Air Navigation Commission.

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