Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Implementation Monitoring Report

The ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan, (GANP) Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) methodology is a programmatic and flexible global approach that allows all Member States to advance their Air Navigation capacities based on their specific operational requirements.

The Block Upgrades aim to enable aviation to realise the global harmonization, increased capacity, and improved environmental efficiency that modern air traffic growth now demands in every region around the world.

Member States, through the ASBUs framework, work with ICAO, their Air Navigation Service Providers and industry stakeholders to advance their air navigation capabilities and systems based on specific operational requirements and to implement them in a harmonised and timely fashion to maximise the capacity, safety and efficiency of air traffic.

The latest, 6th edition of the ICAO-EUROCONTROL ASBU implementation monitoring report for the ICAO European Region (EUR), endorsed by the EASPG/2 meeting, provides a valuable single view of all progress made by each of the 55 ICAO/EUR countries in implementing ASBU Block 0 Modules.

Previous versions of the ASBU implementation monitoring report, which have been jointly developed by the 

ICAO EUR/NAT office and EUROCONTROL, can be found here:


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