Joint ICAO EUR/NAT ENV Task Force and ACI Europe webinar on Green Airports - 5 December 2023, virtual

A Green Airports webinar jointly organized by ICAO EUR/NAT and ACI Europe was held on 5 December 2023. The meeting was attended by Representatives from 27 States.

The Secretariat provided insights on ICAO policy documents related to Green Airports, including the Environmental Community Engagement for Performance-Based Navigation and the Community Engagement for Aviation Environmental Management documents. And ACI provided insights on ACI global standard for airport carbon management including on the new Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 5.

Five experts from airports in the region including DAA group (which operates and manages Dublin and Cork airports), Vilnius airport, Vinci, Stargate and Fraport Slovenia shared their first-hand experience in making airports sustainable and the role this plays in leading the transition to a decarbonized aviation sector. They provided information on the existing techniques and emerging innovations related to airport environmental management and associated best practices including a sustainability ambassador programme, new LED signal lights, solar PV on all new buildings, recycling water from fire trucks testing, new green vehicles, sustainable airport mobility plan, etc.


A Green Airports seminar is expected to be held in person in Greece from 18 to 19 April 2024.

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