ICAO EUR/NAT Webinar on risks associated with carriage of lithium batteries in the cargo compartment - 6 March 2024

On 6 March 2024 the ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office organized a Webinar on risks associated with carriage of lithium batteries in the cargo compartment.


The webinar featured experienced speakers from ICAO, the UK Civil Aviation Authority, UL Standards and Engagement (an organization running Lithium battery incident surveillance system), IATA and Royal Mail (UK designated postal operator).


During the webinar, presenters showcased statistics that clearly demonstrated the increase of undeclared or mis-declared attempts to transport lithium batteries in cargo. Possibilities to identify such shipments is limited especially when cargo comes packaged, in overpacks or as a post. These more frequent situations clearly provide risks to air transport but also throughout the transportation process: be it in trucks, trains or by personal end delivery by postman or courier.


The participants shared knowledge on local practices and were advised on the development of global standards under the ICAO umbrella.

Presentations can be downloaded via ICAO EUR/NAT webpages here.


Although organized regionally, the event received global attention. More than 500 registered participants from 53 States, of which, 41 from the ICAO EUR/NAT area of accreditation, joined the event online.


Some of the important questions raised at this event will be used as topics for the follow-up webinars on the subject.

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