ICAO EUR/NAT Webinar on the Ratification of International Air Law Treaties - 30 November 2023, virtual

The first ICAO EUR/NAT webinar on the Ratification of International Air Law Treaties was held on 30 November 2023. The meeting was attended by Representatives from States and Airports from 25 States.

The Secretariat provided insights on the work of ICAO in the legal field and a number of current subjects in the field of international air law treaties. In particular, the webinar addressed topics relating to the overview and the status of ratification of key treaties, as well as the ratification process of multilateral instruments with ICAO.

ICAO undertakes a series of actions for the promotion of ratification. This meeting is not a replacement for the available ICAO legal seminars, workshops, courses and meetings. We continue to encourage States to make full use of such ICAO legal seminars and workshops, the Civil Aviation Legal Advisers Forum (CALAF), the ICAO International Air Law Course as well as other similar events for the continuous training and development of their legal advisers with regard to ratification and implementation of international air law instruments.


The ICAO EUR/NAT office will be hosting, from 5 to 9 February 2024, an International Air Law Training Course. And the next meeting on the ratification of international air law treaties is expected to be held in person in spring 2024.

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