ICAO EUR/NAT Language Proficiency Requirement Implementation Task Force (LPRI TF/42), Samarkand City, Uzbekistan - 5 to 6 June 2023

The 42th meeting of the Language Proficiency Requirements Implementation Task Force (EASPG/LPRI TF/42) was hosted by Uzbekistan, in Samarkand city, from 5 to 6 June, 2023 with the participation of 45 linguistic experts from 18 States and from Organizations (EASA, IATA,ICAEA, EUROCONTROL, AOPA, ICAA Aviasafety etc.).


Among other topics, the meeting was informed about the approval process of the new Regional Euro Doc. 46 "Guidance on the Harmonized Implementation of Language Proficiency Requirements and its oversight".  The LPRI TF linguistic experts developed this new EUR doc.


The meetings discussed as well the Testing Development Guidance (TDG), Features of radio communication phraseology in English, in normal, abnormal and emergency situations, Implementing LPRs in an ATC professional environment and the benefits of language training, Language proficiency literature overview etc.

The new Chairwoman of the LPRI TF was unanimously elected by the meeting participants.


Following the 42th meeting the Task Force, the 3rd Workshop on "Implementation/Support to States" was organized on 7 June 2023.The Workshop was focusing in the CIS States and 45 participants attended the workshop onsite.

The objectives of the Workshop were to identify challenges and issues concerning Language Proficiency Requirements implementation; to share information amongst States on best practices, and to support national regulators and language testing organizations; to provide a harmonized approach to the interpretation and implementation in Language Proficiency Requirements. A dedicated survey was developed for this 3rd workshop.  The analysis of the results of the 3 workshops surveys will be presented soon.

During the workshop, two important presentations from EASA and IATA elaborated on the close relation (as a contributing factor) of Language Proficiency Requirements to aviation accident/incidents according to the ICAO Accident/Incident Data Reporting (ADREP) Occurrence class taxonomy.


The EASPG/LPRI TF is the only regional structure within ICAO, working for the enhancement and harmonization of Language Proficiency Requirements, jointly with EASA, both at regional and interregional level.

Next LPRI/TF meeting will be organized in the EUR/NAT RO premises, Paris, in November 2023.


If you are interested to learn more and/or join this unique group within the ICAO structure on Language Proficiency Requirements, please contact the ICAO EUR/NAT Office at icaoeurnat@icao.int.

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